Presidential Election - 2012

On Tue Nov 6th, President Barack Obama won his second term as America's first African American president.  His personal and historic accomplishment serves as remind that we can all achieve great things despite the humblest of beginnings.  Throughout this nation's history there a numerous examples of our humblest citizens and compatriots rising from meager beginnings to achieve great feats.

This election season was noteworthy for many other reasons as well.  There will be twenty women in the US senate next year, the most ever in it's history.  This number is even more impressive when you consider that only 39 women had served since it's establishment in 1789.  New Hampshire will have an all female delegation in 2013.  It's Senate and House of Representatives delegates will be women and New Hampshire will also have a female governor.  Forgive the cliche, but I feel compelled to say "Girl Power".

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